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We fight fire with… shovels.

When we first got here I heard that we could train to be wildland firefighters.  When I was a kid there was this really nice guy we went to church with who was a firefighter.  My uncle worked with the local fire fighters.  My cousin’s husband was a firefighter.  When I was a kid I ALWAYS wanted to be a firefighter!

Here’s how the conversation went…

“Hey Erik, do you want to be a fire fighter?”

“Do I get a cool fire fighter helmet?”

“Yes, you do.”

“AWESOME!  I’ll do it!”

Chad and I signed up, along with Kourtney (our boss lady) and her husband Jake, and Darren (another staff member here).

Our fire chief’s name is Gene, and he’s a really friendly guy.  He meets up with us about once a week for training, and we’re going to take a test sometime soon to get certified.

We did get to spend a day using the fire hoses, which was a lot of fun.  But most of the time we’ll be digging fire lines with shovels and picks.  Either way, I’m pretty pumped.  Here’s some pictures of us practicing how to set up a fire shelter.

Erik the firefighter

Kourtney and Gene the fire chief.

Chad opens his fire shelter.

Getting the fire shelter ready!

Ready to hide from a fire!

Gene the fire chief pretends to be a fire.

Look! I'm all safe from the fire! 😀

Chad popping out of his shelter!

Kourtney our boss.