Portia and Erik's adventure in Zion

Lodge Canyon

On a day off I went and did Lodge Canyon (also known as Employee Canyon or Mountain of the Sun Canyon) with my friends/co-workers Eric and Dallin.  The canyon is not as popular as many in Zion, but we really enjoyed it!

If you’re familiar with Zion canyons, the first half of the approach starts at the top of the long tunnel and is the same hike that you do on the way to Spry Canyon.  We hiked right by some faint petroglyphs, and then into Lodge Canyon. Lodge Canyon goes north and drops into the main section of Zion Canyon right behind the employee lodge.

It was a beautiful hike through the canyon.  We saw a couple snakes, lots of lizards, sego lilies, and prickly pear blooms.  The last rappel was amazing! It came down right next to a spot that looks a lot like weeping rock.  Then we were right next to the lodge so we could go get ice cream!

Dallin and I hiking to Lodge Canyon

Petroglyphs on the hike up!

They were faint, but very cool!

A Sego Lily! Utah's State Flower 😀

There were beautiful flowers blooming everywhere.

At the head of Lodge Canyon, looking down.

Me, Dallin, and Eric.

A snake pit!!



Looking down from Lodge Canyon, the employee lodge is on the left.

On the last rappel - a beautiful spot!!

Final drop


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