Portia and Erik's adventure in Zion

Sand Caves Near Kanab

Just north of Kanab there are some really cool looking caves that can be seen from the road.  We heard they were fun, so we hiked up to them!  It only took about 20 minutes to do all the walking and exploring, but it was a really cool spot.

We only had our phones with us, so you get phone pictures in this one. 🙂

Charlie and me in the Sand Caves

There are four or five "entrances" to the cave.

Portia and Charlie in the cave

It'd be a cool lookout spot if you were a Paiute I would think.

Charlie is a tough explorer dog!

They are really close to the road, nice and easy to get to!

They're called the Sand Caves because.... well... there's lots of sand!

This is what they look like from the road


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